Video Editing & Post Production Services

High Definition Video Editor
HD Video Editing System

This is where the magic happens! Our experienced editors take your footage and weave it into a compelling entertaining story that will captivate your audience and drive your message home. We use the latest compositing and visual effects combined with thoughtful pacing and presentation to create a memorable viewing experience for your audience. Whether it's a corporate video, a television ad, a movie or a music video we give each project the same attention to detail and strive to create the highest quality production possible.

Moving image Studios full service High Definition editing studio features the latest version of Adobe Creative Cloud. Our talented editors bring your projects to life with Premiere, After Effects, Boris 3D Text, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Lightroom.

We also offer video compositing, 3D animation, audio sweetening, web streaming and DVD authoring. We can deliver in any format required on time and on budget!

We have a pool of professional script writers, narrators and models if your project requires them. Best of all we are affordable, in many cases almost half as much as other post production facilities!

Post Production

Computer Video Editing System
Computer Video Editing Screen

Video Editing Software

  • Mac Pro 2.7 GHz 12 Core Intel Xeon E5 Computers
  • High Definition (Blu-ray) or Standard Definition (DVD) Video Editing
  • Adobe Premiere Video Editing Creative Cloud
  • After Effects Compositing Creative Cloud
  • Boris FX 3D Text
  • Photoshop Image Editing Creative Cloud
  • Illustrator Vector Image Editing Creative Cloud
  • Mac Pro Logo
  • Adobe Premiere Logo
  • Adobe After Effects Logo
  • Adobe Photoshop Logo
  • Adobe Illustrator Logo
  • Boris Effects Logo

3D Pipe Drawing
3D Pipe Drawing

Graphics and Animation

  • Graphic Design
  • Motion Graphics
  • 2D and 3D Animation

Digital Audio Graph

Music and Narration

  • Professional Music
  • Professional Narrators - Male & Female - English, Spanish and additional languages

Video Delivery

  • DVD - Standard Definition (SD) Video Authoring
  • Blu-ray Disc - High Definition (HD) Video Authoring
  • YouTube and Vimeo Uploads
  • Web Streaming - file formats: MPEG4 - HTML 5 Compatible, Flash, QuickTime
  • Uploading TV Commercials to Television Stations and Cable Companies
  • DVD Video
  • Blu-ray Video
  • YouTube Video
  • Vimeo Video
  • MPEG4 Video
  • HTML 5
  • Adobe Flash Video
  • QuickTime Video