The Video Production Process

... and how Moving image Studios can save you money!

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Small One Person Video Camera Crew

Moving image Studios operates with little or no overhead.

We do this by hiring crews on a 'per job basis' from our roster of hand chosen professionals. This allows us to know our costs in advance and use only the resources necessary for each project.

You pay only the hard costs of producing your video: Crew, Equipment and Editing services.

Many of our clients just need an affordable high quality video but have limited financial resources. We understand that every situation is different and we structure our work to fit your budget.

We have the capability to produce the higher end work that requires a bigger crew and more equipment but we can also step our costs down to accommodate more modest budgets. And you can feel secure knowing that no matter what your budget is Moving image Studios will produce the highest quality production possible.

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The Other Guys...
(Not recommended if you want to save money.)

Ad Agencies

The High Cost of Video Production - Chart

The most expensive method is when you use an Ad Agency to manage the project. Major brands like Nike, Budweiser or BMW use ad agencies to pitch creative concepts for their ads. This can add thousands or even millions of dollars to the final cost of the video. The ad agency develops the creative but most agencies do not have a production department and usually hire a production company to shoot and edit the video.

Big Production Houses

Production Houses High Cost of Video Production

The big production houses also add their administrative costs into the mix. The true hard costs of producing a video such as crew, equipment and editing can grow exponentially when you add the agency fees and the production companies fees on top of that. After all they have building rent, staff salaries, insurance, etc. A portion of those expenses is factored in to the cost of your video.

A small one-man camera crew

Small One Person Camera Crew

The cheapest method by far is hiring a small one-man crew. There are lots of these guys around. The problem is most lack experience, equipment and above all resources. There are a million things that can, and do go wrong on a video shoot. Bad camera composition, bad lighting, bad audio to name a few. Before you hire the cheapest quote consider the consequences of putting the job in inexperienced hands.