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Whether you’re looking for a one-man band or a full production crew we have access to the most experienced professional video technicians.

We can build the crew to meet your budget. Our Director of Photography, Jim Coulter, is an experienced Director, Cameraman, Steadicam Operator, Lighting Technician and Audio Engineer. Because Jim knows every aspect of video production we can eliminate extra crew members that other production companies typically use. This allows Moving image’s crews to be more efficient and leave a much smaller footprint. In most cases we can shoot your video with a 2 or 3 man crew. But if you have a tight budget Jim can get the job done as a one man crew handling all the tasks that would typically require several crew members.

For larger productions we provide crew as your budget allows. Because we use the most reliable freelance technicians in the area on a regular basis, we can negotiate the best rates. You can rest assured your production is in experienced professional hands. We listen to what you need and then make suggestions that can save you money.

Check out our Steadicam Package below!

red-cinema-camera-panasonic-high def

Camera Packages & Equipment

At Moving image we believe the best way to control production costs is to eliminate the middle man. We own all of our equipment which makes our equipment more reliable since it’s never rented or abused. We maintain and care for our gear ourselves and we’re constantly on the lookout for the latest product available to improve the look and production value of our work.

Moving image utilizes cutting edge camera technology. Our Red Gemini Cinema Camera has more than 5 times the resolution of normal high definition cameras. Used on major Hollywood movies the image clarity and quality of 5K resolution is unsurpassed! Please contact us for your Indie Films, Music Videos and Corporate Video productions!

We believe the right equipment for the job saves our client’s money. For smaller projects that don’t require our Red Cinema Camera we also own two high-definition 4K Sony FX6 video cameras and two 4K Nikon D850 DSLR Video Cameras. Our lighting package includes Kino Flo Diva lights, Arri and Lowell lights. For audio we use the best in the business: Wireless Lectrosonic and Sennheiser microhones.

Our wide selection of specialty gear includes a 17″ teleprompter, green screen package, Dana Dolly and track system, eMotimo (3 Axis) Motion Controlled Slider system, PortaJib Camera Crane with remote controlled Camera Turret and Steadicam Zephyr package. The Zephyr allows us to fly heavier cameras up to 25 lbs in weight! Our SteadiGimble package combines the amazing capabilities of traditional Steadicam with the Ronin RS3 Pro Gimble attached. This combination provides incredibly stable images in any environment. The motion is so smooth it mimics drone footage! The Steadicam and Camera Crane package includes a Bartech Wireless Focus Controller and Client Wireless Video Assist. Making it possible to get incredible images in crisp sharp focus.


Specialty Gear

So how does Moving image Studios get that beautiful cinematic movement in every image? By constantly moving the camera using special equipment such as drones, motion controlled sliders, Steadicam and camera cranes.


Steadicam Camera Stabilizer


A tripod is certainly an important piece of equipment but the camera’s point of view is limited by it’s placement and height. We have always believed that providing the viewer with a variety of perspectives increases production value and makes any movie more interesting and enjoyable to watch. We use several pieces of specialty gear to accomplish this but our favorite is the Steadicam.

Invented and designed 30 years ago by Garrett Brown, the Steadicam has been used in thousands of Hollywood films and revolutionized the way we look at movies. The Steadicam separates the camera from the operator by its patented reticulating arm.

The movement of the camera is minimized producing a steady picture even if the operator is running. It is a necessity for shoots requiring a lot of camera movement such as movies, music videos, events, commercials, corporate videos and wedding videos to name a few.

Moving image can provide its Steadicam Zephyr package and an experienced operator at an incredibly affordable price. The new Steadicam Zephyr can fly heavier cameras up to 25 lbs in weight! For even more stability, Moving image offers the SteadiGimble! Combining the Steadicam Zephyr with the Ronin RS3 Pro Gimble produces amazingly smooth shots in any environment. Once you have used a Steadicam on one of your productions you won’t be able to do without one! Jim Coulter, has been a Steadicam operator for more than 10 years. He has flown Steadicam in Music Videos and Movies as well as Corporate and Event videos. The applications are endless. Any production will benefit from the Steadicam’s unique ability to give the viewer a point of view so smooth and real it will feel as though they are actually there!

PortaJib, Dana Dolly, & eMotimo Motion Controlled Slider 




Dana Dolly


eMotimo Motion Control Slider


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