TV and Movies

HT Redfish – TV Show Pilot

ABC’s The Chew – Molina’s Cantina

ABC’s The Chew – Hubcap Grill

Mister Sparky – Ambush’d 

Playing House – Movie Trailer

Extasis – Movie Demo

Kids Living Large – Movie Trailer

“Thanks again for making our movie shoot run so smooth and professionally. We were concerned that our budget would not be sufficient to get everything we needed but you made it work. The producers were really impressed with everyone’s performance in front of and behind the camera!”

Marjorie K. Chambers, Office Administrator, The Claro Group, LLC.

Cinematic Movies and Television Programming

If you’re ready to take your vision and make it a reality you’ve come to the right place! Whether you’re producing a Movie, TV Show or Documentary, Moving image Studios has the equipment and production team to give you the production values you’re looking for!

The RED Gemini Digital Cinema Camera with a full set of cinema prime lenses brings your movies the 5K quality of Hollywood blockbusters! The camera of choice for many of Hollywood’s biggest movies, we offer it at an unbeatable rate and all the support gear you need to bring your screenplay to life.

If you need a camera crew Moving image Studios has access to a talented pool of experienced professionals.  For smaller budgets we can provide crew members who are skilled at multiple jobs. For low budget films our director can handle camera, lighting and audio if needed. But we also have the resources to provide crew for larger productions.

Our Steadicam package, camera crane and Phantom 4 Pro Drone add beauty and movement to your movie! After all who wants to watch a music video or movie that was shot with just a tripod?

We understand that many young film makers never get their screenplay or music video produced because of budget issues. Moving image will work with your budget to make the cost as affordable as possible. So you can take your idea from the drawing board to completion!

We also own a full service post production studio equipped with Adobe Premiere CC, After Effects, Boris Effects, Mocha Pro, Illustrator and Photoshop. Our editing studio is powered by the latest 12 core Mac Pro computers staffed by some of the most experienced and creative artists in the business! We can provide full editing services as well as visual effects, compositing, 3D animation and motion graphics.

Movies & TV Programs

Ekstasis 2009 – Executive Producer: Kimberly Suta (Steadicam-Moving image Studios)

Playing House 2009 – Executive Producers: Dolly Hall and Chris Uetwiller  (Steadicam-Moving image Studios)

ABC’s The Chew 2017- (Houston Camera Crew and Equipment- Moving image Studios)