Spray and Forget – Mold Hunter

Brazosport – Coffee Shop Registration

Nationwide Coins – Closers

Nobilis Health – Doctors

Nobilis Health – Call to Action

Brazosport – Choices

Spray and Forget – Turning Green

Brazosport – Are You Ready?

Sanitary Bidet – British Accent

Sanitary Bidet – Refreshing

Sanitary Bidet – Informational

Spray and Forget – Squirrels

Spray and Forget – JAWS

Spray and Forget – Fed Up

New Caney ISD – I AM

Spray and Forget – Patriotic

Inclusive Clinics – Don’t Feel Good

Inclusive Clinics – Solo Digo (Spanish)

Inclusive Clinics – Just Sayin’

Houston Heartburn – Testimonials

Houston Heartburn – Pills

Tejano Salsa – Taste of Texas

Nationwide Coin – Gold at Cost

Brazosport – Education

Brazosport -BC IS

Spray and Forget – Roof eCommercial

Spray and Forget – Siding eCommercial

“Thanks to everyone at Moving image! We just premiered the new commercial to the ‘whole cast’ today and everyone loved it! Our whole team enjoyed the experience and how professionally organized everything was. I really liked your direction on the shoot and I’m excited with how everything came out!”

  Louis Smyth, Manager, Corporate Communications, Universal Weather & Aviation, Inc.

Television advertising allows you to stand out from the crowd. It is one of the most effective ways of getting and holding a viewer’s attention.

Moving image specializes in TV commercials, eCommercials and Infomercials. Because of our low overhead we offer some of the most affordable prices in the business. We can provide all the services you need with one phone call! We own the RED Gemini 5K Cinema Camera with a complete set of cinema prime lenses. The same camera used in many national commercials as well as complete lighting and sound packages, teleprompter and specialty equipment including Steadicam, Portajib and Phantom 4 Pro drone. We can also provide full Post Production services including high definition editing, compositing, motion graphics, 3D animation and special effects. We can write the script, shoot, edit and master the video to your specifications.

Once your commercial is finished we can assist you with your media buy and deliver the finished commercial to the television station. All you have to do is sit back and let the power of television work for you!

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