“Our mission at Moving image Studios is to make high quality, professional video production affordable for everyone. Let us help you tell your story.”

JIM COULTER- Head of Production


Creativity in Motion!

Moving image Studios, inc. is a Houston based video production company. We specialize in creative storytelling and compelling visual content that gets results.

We produce everything from Corporate Videos, TV Commercials, Music Videos, Movies and Documentaries as well as Event and Wedding Videos. We offer some of the most affordable rates in the video production business. We have the ability to scale our production services to accommodate your budget. We can provide crew, equipment and editing services for smaller projects but we also have the manpower and equipment to take on the largest productions. Our turn-key production services can take your project from concept to creation. Moving image Studios can provide everything you need from camera crew and camera packages to editing and post production services!


Affordable & Reliable

We like to think of our videos as ‘Hand Crafted’- We don’t mass produce projects here at Moving image Studios. Instead each job is a unique creation borne of ideas inspired by our clients and painstakingly taken from concept to fruition.


Our Work: Professional & Affordable

But how do we make our videos so affordable?

Moving image Studios operates with little or no overhead. We don’t charge high administrative markup fees like many video production houses do. You pay only the true costs of producing your video: Crew, Equipment and Editing services. And our rates are flexible!

To save our client’s money and keep our overhead low we keep only key creatives on staff and use our trusted partners and contractors on a per project basis. This allows us to know our costs in advance and use only the resources necessary for each project.

However Moving image Studios carries the sole responsibility of maintaining the client’s vision throughout the process and following through until approved completion.

An Ad Agency & Video Production Company in One!

Moving image Studios is a fusion between an Ad Agency and a Production Company. We provide both creative services and production services as a cohesive unit. We meet with our clients and really listen to what they want to achieve. We ask the important questions. Who is your target audience, what is the tone of the video, what is the most important function of the finished video?

We offer creative concept services, scripting, scheduling, camera packages and crew. We’ll shoot it, edit it and master it to whatever format you require.

Pay Less and Get More

Many of our clients just need an affordable high quality video but have limited financial resources. We understand that every situation is different and we structure our work to fit your budget. We have the capability to produce the higher end work that requires a bigger crew and more equipment but we can also step our costs down to accommodate more modest budgets. And you can feel secure knowing that no matter what your budget is- Moving image Studios will produce the highest quality video available anywhere in the world.













“The video presentation was very well received by The Boards and Commissions last night. It was the highlight of the evening. I have posted the video on The City of Angleton Facebook Page as well as The City website. Thank you for your hard work and assistance in bringing it to life.”

Martha Eighme, Economic Development and Tourism Director, City of Angleton

“I want to thank you and your team for making the video production a positive experience. I am very pleased with how the video turned out. You folks are great to work with and very good at what you do. Please convey my sincere appreciation to your team.”

Daryl Bissett, Director of Campus Safety, Brazosport College

“I just watched the Family Day video. It was BEAUTIFUL! I absolutely loved it. It truly grasped the whole concept that we were going for. You really captured the camaraderie of everyone interacting and having a great time! We look forward to sharing the video with all of our employees.”

Veronica Palacios, Human Resources Assistant, ACCC Insurance

“My newest song was very special to me and I wanted to make sure the Music Video was done right. Jim Coulter put together a creative shot sheet that described in detail every scene to be filmed. I was amazed at how closely Jim’s interpretation of the song was to my own. Moving image Studio’s unparalleled passion for their craft made my project a success.

Adhia Khan, Singer & Recording Artist

“We received feedback from our Leadership Team regarding the video and they loved it! They are eager to unveil the video on April 8! Thanks again for all your help and guidance. We had a lot of fun working with your crew! Looking forward to the next one!”

Akshar Wunnava, Senior Associate, McKinsey and Company

“We’ve received rave reviews on our latest commercial. We’re excited to get it on the air! We will need an alternate edit of the commercial for Dr. Valek to carry with her as pre-roll for her various presentations. This will make an awesome sales tool for the team!”

Beckie Rodriguez, Marketing & Communications, Brazosport College

“I’d like to thank you and your crew for your professionalism, patience with our scheduling challenges, and kind coaching for our amateur actors and actresses. Everybody had lots of fun and things worked out smoothly thanks to your leadership.”

Sung Kang, Engagement Manager, McKinsey and Company

“The real genius behind our Logistics video’s success was Moving image Studio’s film director, Jim Coulter. His knowledge and experience was invaluable. He was very easy to work with, gracious and very talented. I highly recommend Moving image Studios for your next video project!”

Margaret Kidd, Program Director, Supply Chain, University of Houston

“Both Jack and I love it! It came out great!  We plan to show the orientation video to the employees today at lunchtime. I promised them in return for their help making the video I’d let them see it before I use it for new employee orientation. You really did a great job!”

Leah Treille, Human Resources Director, ACCC Insurance Company

“This is AWESOME!! I am SO pleased! You really nailed the “I AM NCISD” concept! We will be showing the video this Monday at our administrator luncheon. It will be a tremendous tool to showcase our school district as north Houston continues to expand and develop.”

Dr. Delinda Neal, Director of Instruction, New Caney ISD

“Oh Jim. I just finished watching the video. I laughed. I cried, I’m still smiling. It is perfect. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I really appreciate how much compassion and care you gave to the 50th anniversary tribute to my parents. I can’t wait to show the video to everyone!”

Lindsay J. Carr, Ph. D., PLLC, Licensed Psychologist


Since Moving image was established in 2007 our company has grown in the number of projects we produce each year and the number of repeat clients we represent. We have also continued to keep up with the newest technology available. From our acquisition of Red’s 5K Gemini Cinema Camera and our state of the art Panasonic Ag-DVX200 4K HD Cameras to the Phantom 4 Pro Drone and ARC II Motion Controlled Slider, we continue to invest our profits back into our company so that we can provide the very best equipment to our clients. This results in problem free gear that has never been rented and is capable of producing the highest quality videos available anywhere in the world!

Affordable Steadicam

The Steadicam was invented in 1975 to free the camera from the tripod. It quickly won an Oscar for technical innovation, and it still shows up on film and video sets 45 years later. An operator wears a vest to distribute the weight to his or her shoulders and hips, and connects the camera sled to an Iso-elastic arm (with a series of springs) that isolate the operator's movements from the camera. Is Steadicam Affordable? The answer is yes! Moving image can add the Steadicam package to your shoot based on usage for the day. If only a handful of scenes will require it then the cost is reduced accordingly. The Steadicam can add dramatic movement to Corporate Video, Event Videos, Music Videos and Movies.

Music Video Production During COVID-19

COVID-19 has brought the world's economies to a grinding halt. But not every business has raised the white flag of defeat. Many businesses have found ways to keep their doors open safely and successfully but it takes thinking outside the box. What works for one business may not work for another. As a video production company we have found a way forward that keeps both our staff and our clients safe. For clients that need original content we can send out a very small one, two or three man crew. Our staff is equipped with PPE that meets CDC guidelines including rubber gloves and masks. We also adhere to social distancing by staying at least six feet apart from each other. After several successful shoots during the pandemic we have had no COVID infections for our crew or clients.

The Importance of Video in the World of COVID-19

The unprecedented disruption of our economy and business has challenged companies to find new ways to stay relevant and leverage the dormant marketplace. At Moving image Studios our mission is to shore up our brand by rebuilding our website from the ground up incorporating our very best work and streamlining navigation to make it easier, faster and more enjoyable for our clients to get to know who we are and what we are all about.

Professional Video Production: Pay Less and Get More!

Is there a way to pay less for professional video production? The answer to that question is YES! But in order to achieve an affordable rate you have to understand how the video production business works. The cost for video production can be broken into 2 parts. PART 1.) The true unavoidable cost of crew, equipment and post production (editing the video) PART 2.) Administrative fees including office space, salaried staff and markups. Here's a tip: You can avoid PART 2 if you use the right company. (See Method #4 below)

Our Services

Moving image is the only call you need to make to bring your vision to life!

Video Production:  We offer creative concept services, scripting, scheduling, camera packages and crew. We’ll shoot it, edit it and master it to whatever format you require.

Crew and Equipment:  Whether you’re looking for a one-man band or a full production crew we have access to the most experienced professional video technicians.

Still Photography:  Our photographic services include corporate photography, aerial photography, modeling portfolios, weddings, graduations, birthdays, portraits and events.

Print and Website Design:  We can concept and design layouts using your logos and artwork or create new graphics from scratch. We produce print ads, business cards, logos, brochures, invitations and more!

 We know the most important aspects of a successful website: Search engine optimized, responsive design, easy to navigate and informative content that targets your audience.

Concept, Scripting, Branding

Crew & Equipment

Video Editing, Motion Graphics, 3D Animation

Professional Photography


Nikon D850 Packages

Print Design Services

Website Design

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