The Importance of Video in the World of COVID-19

Moving image Studio News   •   April 22, 2020


The unprecedented disruption of our economy and business has challenged companies to find new ways to stay relevant and leverage the dormant marketplace. At Moving image Studios our mission is to shore up our brand by rebuilding our website from the ground up incorporating our very best work and streamlining navigation to make it easier, faster and more enjoyable for our clients to get to know who we are and what we are all about. Our marketing and sales team is reaching out via social media, email and phone to assure our clients that we are deeply concerned for their health and safety and that we are still here if they need us.

Remote Video Production

For video production we can offer alternative ways to produce content from our studios by making use of our large archived video library and stock footage. All communication for creative, scripting and online editing can be done remotely keeping their staff and ours safe. We also offer many other services that are not affected by the COVID virus such as our print and graphic design services and our website design services to name a few.

So What’s Next?

The CDC and other government Health Care representatives have begun opening the country’s economy to business. However the new normal will require more guarded and cautious safety implementations to be in effect. Moving image Studios is following all safety guidelines to protect our camera crews and our clients while filming on their premises. Masks and gloves will be issued for all crew members until such time that it is safe to operate without personal protection equipment. We at Moving image Studios do not consider working with PPE as a setback but rather a step forward allowing us to get back to the business of making effective video content for our clients.