Ask Good Questions and Get Better Answers

Moving image Studios News-November 20, 2019

Every business has something about it that is unique. Something that sets it apart from other businesses even if its products and services are similar. It’s our job as a video production company to understand and communicate what those differences are. We need to define what makes that business exceptional. To accomplish this we have to ask the right questions to get the right answers.

It Began With a Promise

Recently we were approached by a non-profit that offers assistance to under-insured and uninsured people in need. The Patient Benefit Foundation’s noble mission was conceived by businessman Dr. Mubashir Chaudhry. Before Dr. Chaudhry became the successful owner of Universal Surgical Partners he had an unfortunate experience with the healthcare system. His Mother became very ill. Her condition worsened and she spent 21 days in an intensive care unit. She was unable to afford elective surgery. He made a promise to her and himself that one day he would find a way to make sure that no one else would have to go through what his Mother had experienced.

Using Video to Tell Their Story

Today the Patient Benefit Foundation has completed multiple elective surgeries for the uninsured. People who would otherwise still be suffering from their conditions. But the cost to help these people is high and new funding is needed to continue it mission. That is where Moving image Studios came in. To develop a video that would share each patient’s story and what a difference the foundation has made in their lives. It was too important to get this wrong… we had to ask our client the right questions to get the the right answers.

Ultimately it paid off and the video successfully increased interest in the foundation’s fundraising efforts. Each year philanthropists and concerned citizens gather to celebrate each successful surgery. Patients give their own personal accounts of how Patient Benefit Foundation changed their lives.