Affordable Steadicam

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The Steadicam was invented in 1975 to free the camera from the tripod. It quickly won an Oscar for technical innovation, and it still shows up on film and video sets 45 years later. An operator wears a vest to distribute the weight to his or her shoulders and hips, and connects the camera sled to an Iso-elastic arm (with a series of springs) that isolate the operator's movements from the camera. Is Steadicam Affordable? The answer is yes! Moving image can add the Steadicam package to your shoot based on usage for the day. If only a handful of scenes will require it then the cost is reduced accordingly. The Steadicam can add dramatic movement to Corporate Video, Event Videos, Music Videos and Movies.

Music Video Production During COVID-19

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COVID-19 has brought the world's economies to a grinding halt. But not every business has raised the white flag of defeat. Many businesses have found ways to keep their doors open safely and successfully but it takes thinking outside the box. What works for one business may not work for another. As a video production company we have found a way forward that keeps both our staff and our clients safe. For clients that need original content we can send out a very small one, two or three man crew. Our staff is equipped with PPE that meets CDC guidelines including rubber gloves and masks. We also adhere to social distancing by staying at least six feet apart from each other. After several successful shoots during the pandemic we have had no COVID infections for our crew or clients.

The Importance of Video in the World of COVID-19

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The unprecedented disruption of our economy and business has challenged companies to find new ways to stay relevant and leverage the dormant marketplace. At Moving image Studios our mission is to shore up our brand by rebuilding our website from the ground up incorporating our very best work and streamlining navigation to make it easier, faster and more enjoyable for our clients to get to know who we are and what we are all about.

Professional Video Production: Pay Less and Get More!

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Is there a way to pay less for professional video production? The answer to that question is YES! But in order to achieve an affordable rate you have to understand how the video production business works. The cost for video production can be broken into 2 parts. PART 1.) The true unavoidable cost of crew, equipment and post production (editing the video) PART 2.) Administrative fees including office space, salaried staff and markups. Here's a tip: You can avoid PART 2 if you use the right company. (See Method #4 below)

Ask good questions and get better answers

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Every business has something about it that is unique. Something that sets it apart from other businesses even if its products and services are similar. It's our job as a video production company to understand and communicate what those differences are and what makes that business exceptional. We have to ask the right questions to get the right answers.

We Love a Challenge!

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At Moving image Studios we welcome challenges and the most recent project we completed certainly fit that description!  The City of Angleton needed a marketing video for an important city vote being held in one week. It was on very short notice and we started with no media assets or script.

Not Your typical Video project

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Moving image's creative team was tasked with finding a way to make an unusual product attractive to a wider market. We produce a lot of product marketing videos but this one caught us off guard. A representative of a company called Sanitary Bidet contacted us and set up a production meeting to discuss the new marketing video they wanted to produce. I had heard of a bidet but the only time I had ever seen one was on a shoot in London. The bathrooms typically have two toilets in the hotel rooms. One is a stan

Affordable Music Video Production in Houston

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Moving image Studios along with Vintage Production Group recently produced a new music video titled "BIG" for the Junior Gordon Band. Houston Press Magazine awarded it Best Local Music Video. The Junior Gordon Band hired my good friend Roy Schneider at Vintage Productions Group to produce the video and Moving image Productions provided camera gear and crew. Shot entirely on our new Red 4K Cinema Camera, the video made extensive use of our Steadicam and Jib. The video's storyline depicts an up and coming singer who is destined to make it to the big time. The video was shot in Alvin, Texas on a beautiful estate and at a nearby dance hall.

Producing a Viral Video

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What do you do when a client calls and wants to produce a viral video? Creating and successfully marketing a viral video is the dream of every video producer, yet one that very few actually achieve. What we had to explain to our client was the goal of creating a video shouldn’t be to go viral. Going viral is a bonus. Something that comes after creating a quality video. Going viral will not sell your product or service unless the purpose of the video can stand on its own.

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