Producing a Viral Video

Moving image Studio News   •   March 29, 2011

What do you do when a client calls and wants to produce a viral video? Creating and successfully marketing a viral video is the dream of every video producer, yet one that very few actually achieve. What we had to explain to our client was the goal of creating a video shouldn’t be to go viral. Going viral is a bonus. Something that comes after creating a quality video. Going viral will not sell your product or service unless the purpose of the video can stand on its own.

Keep It Simple

Mister Sparky Electrical Services hired Moving image Studios to produce a viral web video to promote their residential electrical services. Only after sitting down with the client and really understanding what the video’s message was could we begin the creative process of pitching ideas. We knew it was important to include humor to evoke emotion. It needed personality and it needed to connect with the viewer. A little controversy would not hurt either. So we incorporated all of these elements and came up with a really funny ‘reality’ style video called “AMBUSH’D’!”

The Premise

The video follows 3 different Mister Sparky technicians as the go about their regular job of making house calls for electrical problems. None of them are aware that the home owners are actually actors playing roles guaranteed to test even the most unshakable technician. But that is precisely what the video’s goal was…to see if Mister Sparky’s techs could stay composed in the worst possible situations. In the first encounter Mister Sparky tech Rick Callen has to deal with an explosion at the breaker box while he’s checking a bad light switch. The home owner is playing the part of a disabled military Vet with PTS disorder. What happens after the explosion sets poor Rick up as his boss arrives and he is “AMBUSH’D!”