We Love a Challenge!

Moving image Studio News- August 5, 2019

At Moving image Studios we welcome challenges! The most recent project we completed certainly fit that description!  The City of Angleton needed a marketing video for an important city vote being held in one week. It was on very short notice and we started with no media assets or script. The client contacted us on a Monday and described the project over the phone. There was to be a public vote held the very next Monday, one week from the date of our initial conversation. She needed a video that would help energize the voters to get excited about a new proposition on the ballot. Prop 19’s funding would rebuild the downtown area of Angleton and include new sidewalks and streets throughout the city. It was to be one of the biggest and most expensive initiatives to date.

Plan of Action

I asked the client to email me any information she had as well as any photos and marketing material that related to the project. I immediately started creating an outline to help organize the message and visual content needed to tell the story. While writing the script, our photographer was dispatched to take some professional photos of downtown Angleton. Because there was no time to shoot video the project had to be created using photo animation and motion graphics. This is usually a time consuming process but we directed all of our resources to insure we met our deadline.

Using Teamwork to get a Positive Outcome

The client and the city planner called the finished video “Outstanding.” The video was very well received and ultimately Prop 19 successfully passed. Because the client was willing to help in expediting the process we were able to deliver the finished video on time and budget. This is an excerpt from an email the client sent me after the video was shown:


I know it’s rewarding to get feedback on completed projects so I wanted to let you know that the presentation was very well received by The Boards and Commissions last night. It was the highlight of the evening. The comments were wonderful, and I have posted the video on The City of Angleton Facebook Page as well as The City website. 

 Thank you for hard work and help in bringing it to life.  I sincerely appreciate it. 

Thank you, 

Martha Eighme

City of Angleton, Economic Development and Tourism Director